Our Dual Language program promotes bilingualism, bi-literacy, and multiculturalism for our students.  The students selected for this program are 50% English speakers from different countries and 50% are native Spanish speakers. 

    Technology plays an important role in the students' academic life in school.  Teachers use the interactive whiteboard and laptops to teach math, reading, writing, and phonics. 

    All of our teachers are certified, and they work collaboratively to instruct the students in two languages.  We currently offer Dual Language in English and Spanish in Grades K-2.

    Bridging Language and Literacy

    All Dual Language teachers follow a balanced literacy model.  Within this model students are involved in Reading and Writing Workshop, Read Aloud, Shared Reading, Word Study, Interactive Writing, as well as small group work such as guided reading and strategy lessons.  There is a daily schedule to ensure that all components of balanced literacy are being addressed.


    * Children who are proficient in two or more languages have access to a great number of career possibilities and develop a better understanding of their own and other cultures.
    * Children who receive second language instruction are more creative and better at solving complex problems.
    * Americans fluent in other languages enhance our economic competitiveness abroad, improve global communication and maintain our political and security interests.
    * Foreign language study has shown to increase listening skills, memory, and a great understanding of one's own language. (Krashen, Armstrong and Rogers, Hakuta, Lapkin Cummins, etc.)