• Summer is here!  
    Even though the days are getting warmer. Try to play outside everyday to keep your body healthy. Go to the park or get out and walk around the neighborhood.  Going to the park is a good way to have some fun.
    But, when we spend time indoors, spend it wisely! Here are some ideas to keep our minds busy.
    Read a new book!
    Spend time on My Lexia Core 5, Raz-Kids or Think Central.
    Investigate ideas on the computer
    Study our math skills, science and social studies notes.
    Write in your Writer's Notebook!
    Please continue to have your child read every day for at least 40 minutes, to support their reading skills.
    Ask them to retell the story and ask them questions about the text when they finish reading. Make reading a family activity each night after dinner or before bedtime. 
    Students should review their math facts daily. Practice makes perfect!