Let's Start to Create!
    Time For ART!!
    Getting to Know Me!


         My name is Mrs.Durante. I am married and have 3 children. I have twin girls that are currently in the third grade, and a son who is in the fifth grade. My children are in many after school activities such as swimming, dance, soccer, religion and basketball, so I understand how difficult it is to be a working parent and have to juggle all the responsibilities that comes along with being a mom! I am very involved in my children's school and attend every monthly parent association meeting. I hope you see the importance of being involved at P.S.7 as well in order to give your son or daughter the best school experience possible!
         I am a N.Y.S. certified art teacher. I started working for the Department of Education in 1994. I have 23 years experience in the classroom. I taught 2nd grade for many years at P.S.7 and now I teach art. This is my 9th year as the art teacher. I teach all of the second and third grade students in the building as well as one first grade class and two pre-K classes. Working with the second and third graders for 2 years allows me to know their strengths and weaknesses. I take notes as they work and I record their habits in my record book. I am quite familiar with their abilities. I am extremely passionate about my job and hold the children to high expectations. I do not tolerate bad behavior in my class, being disrespectful to me or their classmates, and not completing the assignments and projects that we are currently working on. Please make sure that your child comes to my class ready to work each week.
         The students will receive art instruction once a week on their scheduled day. Please refer to the schedule page so you know when your child comes to art. Please do your best to send your children to school regularly unless they are sick. Vacations during the school year when schools are open are not allowed and illegal. Frequent absences will not allow your child to meet their potential. It creates many problems academically as well as socially. Please see to it that they are at school everyday and on time. The day starts at 8:10 am.

         Throughout the year your child will learn how to work with numerous art mediums such as tempera paint, watercolors, charcoal, oil pastels, chalk, plaster of paris, pencils, markers, and crayons. The children will create many kinds of projects such as murals, collages, masks, puppets, portraits, sculptures, mosaics, and stained glass. Each grade will also learn about different artists and their styles, and then they will create a project demonstrating that style. The artwork will be displayed throughout the building for all to see. If you visit the school, please look at the artwork hanging on the walls. They work extremely hard in my classroom and their work should be acknowledged. Please praise your children when they do a nice job! Compliments make them feel good!

         I will provide most of the necessary materials to make the projects. Your child received a letter with one item that they must bring to school. Most children were asked to bring in white Elmer's liquid glue. (please do not send in clear glue, colored glue, or glue sticks.) Other classes were asked to bring in baby wipes, cotton balls, tin foil, tissues, hand soap or paper towels. Please look at the item that they need to bring in on the schedule page. At times I may ask you to send in milk jugs, orange juice containers, paper towel tubes, cereal boxes and newspapers. You will always receive notice when these items are needed for an upcoming project. (newspapers can be sent in all the time. I use them often.)
         3rd grade students may have a few tests throughout the year. A study guide will go home so they can prepare for their test. You will also receive at least one week notice when the test will be given.


         I look forward to working and creating with your children. I hope you visit the school throughout the year to see your child's work displayed in our building. Thank you for your cooperation.
    Mrs. Durante
    Art is tons of FUN!