• Welcome Parents!

    P.S. 7 Parents’ Association is an organization run by parents for parents!  It is our mission to serve as a connection between parents and the school.  Working together, we strive to build a sense of community for families, students, teachers, and administrators.  To meet this goal we focus on hosting family-centered activities and providing students and teachers with resources that may fall beyond the essential supplies provided by the Department of Education. 

    We engage in some fundraising activities throughout the year to fund family fun nights, purchase supplies and internet-based resources for teachers, as well as acquiring rewards and incentives to encourage our children along on their journey through these primary grades of school.

    All parents of current P.S. 7 students are automatically members of the Parents’ Association.  Our association is ruled by a set of by-laws based on the Department of Education’s Chancellor’s regulations. In order to function as a working association we are required to hold elections to select an executive board.  These board members are chosen from current P.S. 7 parents.  As elected officials, selected by the general parent membership, these parents give of their time as volunteers to help plan, organize, and coordinate fundraising and community building activities.  The P.S. 7 Parents’ Association Board members are meant to make a commitment to help out as much as they can to make our school a great place for all school families and their children. 

    The Parents’ Association also works closely with our school’s Parent Coordinator who is a member of the school staff here to support the work we do as parent volunteers.  Together with the Parent Coordinator, we aim to create a welcoming environment for parents, promote parent involvement, and help address parent concerns.  

    Please check back here for updates on Parent Association activities and other notices.  We want to make sure each and every parent feels like they have a place in our association; that all parents see the Parents’ Association as a safe place where they can come to collaborate and find resources and answers to their questions and concerns. 

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    P.S. 7 Parents’ Association


Last Modified on November 17, 2016