• P.S. 7's first ever bowling pin challenge!
    Children received a real bowling pin and had to transform it into anything they chose.
    The results were absolutely fabulous! I was amazed at how creative and different they all were! All the children did a wonderful job. I sincerely appreciate how much time and effort you all spent working on this project, parents and children together.  Enjoy the slideshow of pins.
    Mrs. Durante 
    Congratulations to all our winners! 
    Class 3-410
    1st place-Snaha-penguin with stars
    2nd place-Mehal-Santa penguin
    Class 3-412
    1st place- Allison-snowman pin
    2nd place-Melynna-ladybug pin
    Class 3-415
    1st place-Atif-turkey pin
    2nd place- Isabella-elephant pin
    Class 3-416
    1st place-Sofia-kangaroo pin
    2nd place-Ruby-Christmas tree pin
    Class 3-417
    1st place-Jesus-chef pin
    2nd place-Angelina-girl with string hair
    Class 3-429
    1st place-JohnPaul-Coke bottle/pin
    2nd place-tie-Isabel-Mermaid pin
                         James-Darth Vader 
    Class 3-430
    1st place-Astrid-unicorn pin
    2nd place-Joyeeta-Bengali girl
    Class 3-423
    1st place-Ashera-bowling pin lamp
    2nd place-Kendall-Christmas tree
    Class 3-342
    1st place-Fredy-Mexican girl pin
    2nd place-Jesus-Pikachu pin
    Class 3-425
    1st place-tie-Herman-snowman pin
                        Karen-blue mermaid pin 
    2nd place-Angelina-black cat pin
    Class 3-48
    1st place-Anthony-blue baby boy pin
    2nd place-William-blue monster robot