• Students in Pre-K, Kindergarten and 1st Grade were asked to create a project at home to 'Disguise the Turkey' so he wouldn't be eaten on Thanksgiving.  We are so pleased with the students who participated!
    Mrs. Durante and Mrs. Pasternack
    Thank you to all who participated in the “Disguise the Turkey Contest”. It was very difficult to vote because they were all so creative. Here are the winners:

    Pre-K 245: Ashley- Mickey Mouse Turkey

    Pre-K 249: Grace-Pilot Turkey

    Pre-K 251: Nashwan-Ninja Turtle Turkey

    K-119: Pranoot-Leaf and Cottonball Turkey

    K-127: Natalie-Princess Elsa Q-Tip Turkey

    K-128: Syeda-Purple and Gold Princess Turkey

    K-130: Liliana-Minion Turkey

    K-138: Jonathan-Santa Claus Turkey

    K-140: Faatiha-Native American Turkey

    K-142: London-Power Puff Girl Turkey

    K-143: Natalie-Christmas Wreath Turkey

    K-145: Jonathan-Captain America Turkey

    K-224: Matthew-Christmas Flamingo Turkey

    K-243: Jocelyn-Princess Elsa Turkey

    1-218: Mishri-Crayola Crayons Turkey

    1-220: Sabiha-Glitter Pilgrim Turkey

    1-222: TIE: Simon-Policeman Turkey and

                        Henry-Clown in Hot Air Balloon Turkey

    1-227: Anthony-Snowman Feather Turkey

    1-229: Isabella-Pink Princess Turkey

    1-231: Fernando-Turkey Chef

    1-238: Carlos-Santa Claus Turkey

    1-241: Jean Paul-Minion Turkey

    1-247: Emily-White Feather Princess Turkey

    1-287: Matthew-Hot Air Balloon Turkey